3-Sided Bridges (WSDOT)

Granite Precasting and Concrete, Inc. produces 3-sided bridge sections with optional precast footings, enabling you to meet both your project needs and environmental concerns. With a typical installation of 7 – 10 minutes per section (dependant upon job-site accessibility), the durability of concrete, and minimal disruption to natural vegetation, 3-sided bridges are a cost-effective alternative to poured-in-place techniques. All sections are shipped fully cured and ready for immediate use. As a WSDOT supplier GPC can work with you to meet your unique project specifications. 3-Sided bridge sections are available in one foot increments spanning from 6 – 35 feet, with no limitations on overall length. Skewed sections up to 45 degrees each direction, wingwalls, headwalls, and base slabs are available. Call us to see how our 3-sided bridges might benefit your projects.